Sell Tether Tether toa a credit card

Buy Tether (USDT) using your native fiat currency

How to buy Tether on

This guide will teach you how to buy Tether (USDT) by following a few simple steps. Follow them carefully and you'll know how to purchase Tether every following time:

  • At the panel above, enter the amount you wish to buy
  • Choose your payment method and make an order
  • If necessary, go through ID verification
  • Following the transaction, the USDT is sent to your wallet

You can easily buy Tether with credit card

You can buy USDT with fiat currency in multiple ways. The most popular method is that of credit cards. Most of us use cards for daily payments. Hence, choosing to buy Tether with credit card is both convenient and safe.

The USDT you purchase is stored in a wallet linked to your account. You have the option to withdraw them at any time and use them to acquire other cryptocurrencies. Your card's details can be saved as well, allowing you to buy Tether with credit card instantly every following time.

You can also buy Tether with debit card

Despite the convenience of credit cards, many users also buy Tether with debit card. This option is gaining popularity with the growth of third-party banking apps. Many would also claim that debit cards are the most rational payment method, as they only use your own funds.

Accounts that have successfully gone through our KYC process can buy Tether with debit card instantly. New accounts will first need to verify their ID before a transaction takes place. In some cases, additional verification may be required.

Is it still a good idea to buy USDT?

Despite the controversial reputation of USDT, the cryptocurrency has the third-largest marketcap. It also has the highest trading volumes, as most traders use it to enter and exit positions. Both investors and traders tend to buy Tether instantly during uncertain market conditions.

Most would argue that as long as there is volatility, Tether will continue to perform well. However, it's important to also do your own research and challenge your assumptions.


Traders get Tether when they sell their positions; they remain in the crypto market while holding a fiat-pegged token. Similarly, investors park their funds in Tether during market fluctuations.

To buy Tether online with credit card, scroll to the top of the page and choose how much USDT you want to buy. Select "Credit Card" from the payment options and create a new order. After you buy USDT with credit card, the tokens are sent to your wallet.

The amount of Tether you choose to buy correlates to the tier of your profile. If you qualify for higher tiers, you’ll be able to buy more. Check our Profile limits page for more. acts as an on-ramp to crypto. As such, we have to abide strictly by the imposed laws and regulations of supported locations. We also ensure a high level of security with optional data storage (e.g. when you buy USDT with debit card you can optionally store your card’s details).

Aside from the abovementioned use cases, Tether is often bridged across different blockchains, to acquire smaller cryptocurrencies that are only found on DEXs. Additionally, Web3 companies and service providers may buy Tether to pay their freelancers, as cross-border payments can increase both their overhead and complexity.

Tether is the cryptocurrency with the most trading pairs in the market due to its demand by traders. Investors swap fiat to USDT to keep their capital in the blockchain, ready to deploy when the timing is right. Hence, you can use it mainly to buy cryptocurrencies.

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