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Understanding how to buy Bitcoin Cash on

Are you a beginner? Then you'll need to figure out how to buy Bitcoin Cash. This short guide will teach you how to purchase Bitcoin Cash using any of the available payment methods:

  • Start from the form on this page
  • Specify the amount you are willing to spend on BCH
  • Click Preview button to continue
  • Follow the steps, you will get coins in your wallet

Payment method #1 — Buy Bitcoin Cash with credit card

The buying process is simple, even for total beginners. Now that you understand the steps, let's get into the different payment methods you can use to buy BCH. The easiest transaction when starting out is to buy Bitcoin Cash with credit card.

Once you enter the information of your preferred card, you can store it for easier transactions in the future. By doing so you will only need to add your CVV to buy Bitcoin cash with credit card instantly.

Payment method #2 — Buy Bitcoin Cash with debit card

Similarly, you can choose to buy Bitcoin Cash with debit card. Simply select the option from the drop-down menu of payment methods and you're good to go.

If this is your first order on you will need to briefly verify your identity, after which you'll be able to buy Bitcoin cash with debit card instantly. You will also be able to store your card details which makes future orders more convenient.

Payment method #3 — buy BCH with a bank transfer

While credit/debit card transactions are the dominant form of online payment payments, also supports direct bank deposits. Users can easily link their banking partner to the platform in order to buy Bitcoin Cash instantly every time.

We intend to introduce more alternative payment options in the future to further simplify the transaction process. Until then, our support team is available to help you out with any doubts or questions that may arise.


Bitcoin Cash is often considered the most popular Bitcoin spinoff and is currently a top-20 cryptocurrency. Its blockchain has made improvements to the original Bitcoin version to improve its scalability and usability in daily transactions. Some investors believe that these factors make BCH an asset worth holding in their portfolio.

You can buy Bitcoin Cash with credit card by following the steps outlined in the walkthrough section above. Note that first-time transactions may require users to pass a KYC check before completing the order. The process is simple and you'll quickly be able to buy BCH with credit card.

The transaction limits are described in detail on our Profile limits page. You can also refer to the same page to learn about our platform's withdrawal limits. Please have a look before you proceed to buy BCH with debit card, credit card, or bank deposit.

Yes, it certainly is. is compliant with international financial regulations and implements the highest level of security. For that reason, it is a great option for anyone who wants to buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Bitcoin Cash is an asset with volatile market value. Hence, many investors choose to buy it in hopes of seeing long-term price appreciation. You can also leverage BCH for trading purposes, or use it to buy products and services.

Most crypto payment processors enable users to pay for goods and services using BCH. Hence, when browsing through crypto-friendly merchants, you can explore various ways to spend BCH. You can also deposit the coins in a crypto debit card for day-to-day transactions.

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