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How to buy bitcoins on

Bitcoin is a popular long-term investment, and your gateway to the world of crypto. In this section, we describe the steps you need to follow to buy bitcoin instantly after a successful registration. Here's how to buy bitcoins:

  • Enter the amount to buy BTC in the form above
  • Authorized access allows wallet balance viewing
  • Click Preview button to go to the overview page
  • Complete the order and receive your coins

Why should I buy Bitcoin with credit card?

Choosing to buy bitcoin with credit card is the most convenient option. Simply select it from the available payment options, enter the details of your card, and you're set. This option also comes with several benefits:

  • Save your card's details to buy bitcoin with credit card instantly every following time
  • Get access to capital when you most need it (i.e. to better time volatile markets)
  • Fraud protection, which offers increased safety and is directly handled by the credit card company

What if I want to buy bitcoin with debit card?

You may also buy bitcoin with debit card. This also includes prepaid cards which cater people without access to a bank account. The transaction process is equally easy, and newer debit cards offer security that matches that of credit cards.

If this is your first transaction, you will need to go through a quick verification process to confirm your identity. Once your account is verified, you can buy bitcoin with debit card instantly.

Buy BTC with a bank transfer — a simplified alternative

While most investors buy BTC with credit card or debit card, you may also choose to pay directly from your checking account. This option works best if you would normally incur fees and added charges when using a card to make a purchase (i.e. when you buy bitcoin online with credit card).

What to keep in mind before you buy bitcoins

If you are about to conduct your first transaction:

  • You will be asked to go through a quick KYC check to verify your account
  • Your coins will be stored in the wallet of your account
  • Your coins remain stored on until you withdraw them


Bitcoin is not only a lucrative investment opportunity, but also a strong incentive to learn more about the crypto industry. When you buy BTC with debit card, credit card, or a bank transfer, you start to explore the use cases of this innovative technology.

  • Sign up or Log in to your account
  • Head over to the dashboard and indicate the amount you wish to buy
  • Create a new order and, if needed, verify your identity

The amount of Bitcoin you are able to buy depends on the verification Tier of your account. Please contact support if you need further assistance.

Yes, is fully regulated and PCI-DSS compliant. The platform uses advanced encryption and adheres to all required obligations imposed by supporting countries. When you buy bitcoins on, transactions are processed securely, and you can instantly withdraw your coins.

Learning how to purchase bitcoins is just the beginning. You can now use BTC in multiple ways.

  • Hold onto your coins and treat them as a long-term investment
  • Use Bitcoin for daily purchases or charity donations
  • Exchange Bitcoin with other cryptocurrencies

After you purchase bitcoins, you have the option to spend them in a variety of ways. For example, you can pay with BTC at any merchant that accepts cryptocurrency. Additionally, you can transfer your coins into numerous cryptocurrency debit cards that enable you to spend BTC on day-to-day purchases.

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