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    Manage, trade and transact with popular cryptocurrencies. Simply add your fiat account and get a personal crypto wallet address in just a few clicks.

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    Experience industry-leading, real-time rates and low commissions across multiple currencies. Buying and selling at true cost is simple, fast, and intuitive.

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    All trades and withdrawals are processed promptly. Each transaction has its own status and, when utilizing the blockchain, a link fo external verification.

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    Take advantage of maximum liquidity and reliability of transactions. An enhanced financial setting ensures streamlined operations and optimal asset management.

  • Operate as a legal entity

    Single login for personal and business. Unlock the full potential of corporate features, from financial transactions to document workflows and access for your team members.

  • Great market-leading, real-time rates
  • Instant and secure asset operations
  • Maximum liquidity and high limits
  • Operate as a legal entity


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  • My humble opinion

    "Excellent platform and userfriendly. Fast Deposit/widthraw to bank card which makes things much easier. Customer support...Oh my GOSH!!! Simply one of the best customer support ever. Prompt response, professional, efficient and effective..."

    McQ, US

  • I had to appreciate

    "I had to appreciate website and its support staff who offered me great support while depsit and also withdrawal. Infact I had to withdraw the funds to another exchange towards margin Otherwise I would not have done withdrawal..."

    Madhavan, IN

  • Great support team, overall great trading platform

    "The support team have been helpful 99% of the time. Very fast response and the problem was solved without any complicated processes."

    Nikola B, NO

Frequent questions, answered is a cryptocurrency exchange that enables users to seamlessly convert their digital currencies into fiat currencies, such as the US dollar or Euro. The platform focuses on facilitating the direct conversion of cryptocurrencies to fiat, offering users a convenient way to cash out their digital investments.

Where to buy cryptocurrency is a question often asked among new investors. Nowadays, there are multiple options, and the right choice comes down to your level of experience, your preferred payment method, and the type of cryptocurrency you want to acquire. Cryptocurrency exchanges (sometimes called bitcoin exchange or altcoin exchange) are the most popular option and the easiest way to start for beginners.

Bitcoin exchanges come in different forms, but their core function is the same - they help users exchange Bitcoin. This is done either by connecting them directly with other users on the other end of the trade or by providing liquidity from their own reserves. Sometimes, a cryptocurrency exchange can act as a broker for institutions that offer liquidity.

Common crypto exchange types include:

  • Centralized Exchanges (CEXs) - These exchanges have centralized authority and are operated by people. The liquidity is provided by institutions and wallets are (often) exchange-based. They are a great place to buy bitcoins as a beginner.
  • Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) - Operated by smart contracts without human involvement. Liquidity is provided directly by users who have to connect their own wallet. They currently offer Wrapped Bitcoin on non-BTC chains.
  • Trading platforms - Operate as CEXs or DEXs but offer more trading pairs and transactions are matching through an order book. Best for bitcoin trading.
  • P2P exchanges - Pair buyers with sellers so they can exchange with each other directly. The matching process is manual. These are usually centralized.

A trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange should implement the highest level of security, while also offering a helping hand to users in case doubts or issues arise. Additionally, it should offer numerous payment options and be regulatory compliant. is a great crypto exchange for beginners, but also a convenient solution for intermediate and advanced investors.

There are several reasons that make your go-to option when it comes to buying and selling bitcoin. The platform adheres to the strict regulatory requirements of its hosting jurisdiction, making it compliant and safe. It offers a state-of-the-art UI/UX, making transactions convenient and seamless. Both transactions and withdrawals are processed instantly, with high limits. As a reliable crypto exchange, it also has a dedicated support team that is highly responsive and able to help out with any issues that may arise. welcomes traders of all levels, from beginners to experts. Here, you have the flexibility to purchase portions of a Bitcoin, with transactions starting from as little as $10.

You can purchase Bitcoin using a credit card or a bank transfer. Please note that the availability of these payment methods can vary by region. offers a range of payment options, tailored to suit the preferences and regulations of users in different locations.

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